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The following list is a summary of the services provided at Animal Aid Clinic but definitely not exhaustive. Please call us for further information and for any other services you may require. We are happy to guide you in all the needs you may require for your pet's health and wellbeing.

Wellness Exams

We carry out general check ups and targeted exams including Weight Loss monitoring and Geriatric exams giving specific advice for improving your pet's health.



We perform general surgery including spaying and castration. By neutering your pet you increase life expectancy and prevent certain diseases. The clinic is equipped with gaseous anaesthetic.


Emergency Care

The clinic participates in the Malta Veterinary Association 24 hour emergency service. In this way our clients know they can contact a vet on call any time of day or night even when the clinic is closed by calling 5250 2000.


Keep your pet's vaccines up to date in order to protect against cetain contageous diseases. Vaccinate your kitten or puppy from 7 weeks-of-age onwards. We also vaccinate ferrets and rabbits. The clinic vaccination protocols are in line with the latest WSAVA guidelines. 


The clinic is equipped with an in-house laboratory for analysing blood samples thus providing immediate results. We also analyse urine and fecal samples.

Micro Chipping

Micro-chip your pet so that you may be quickly reunited in case of escape. In dogs it is a legal obligation from end of April 2012. Also needed for pet travel/pet passport.

Pet Passport

EU Pet Passports are issued directly in our clinic. We also register all passports including foreign EU passports in the Maltese Government database.


Dental Care

Professional dental cleaning if carried out on a regular basis will prevent teeth loss, gengivitis, bad breath and other diseases including heart and kidney disease.


The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art veterinary digital x-rayHigh resolution images are saved on DVD together with viewing software to be easily opened on any computer.


We carry out abdominal and cardiac ultrasonography. This is a valid tool during pregnancy to evaluate the health of the fetuses and determine the time left to giving birth.

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