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The Pet Travel Scheme applies to dogs, cats and ferrets travelling from an EU country (or listed third country) towards another EU country including Malta. 

All the following requirements can be carried out by the veterinarians at Animal Aid veterinary clinic.

Please note that one is obliged to inform the local authorities when entering Malta with a dog, cat or ferret by filling in this online submission form at least 48 hours before arrival in Malta.  

Under current legislation it is not allowed to transport animals younger than 15 weeks of age (105 days).

For further queries feel free to contact this clinic or the Malta Veterinary Department by sending an email to

Pets arriving from the United Kingdom have to abide by new rules for pet travel. Any pets in Malta with a UK pet passport should have a new Maltese pet passport issued to facilitate travel.

Travelling with your pet could not be easier...

Pet passport

The animal that is going to travel must have a means of identification. The micro-chip is a safe and tamper-proof method of identifying your pet. It is applied by a qualified veterinarian by means of a hypodermic needle. The procedure is fast and painless without the need to sedate the animal.

The passport is an official document where the veterinarian certifies the details of the pet and its owner, the microchip number and the dates of rabies and other vaccinations given.  

It also includes a health certification that the animal is fit for travel, and in the case of dogs the date of tape-worm treatment.


Rabies vaccine

The scope of the pet travel scheme is the prevention of transmission of certain communicable diseases for humans, mainly Rabies and Echinococcosis.

The animal intended for travel must be vaccinated against rabies at least 21 days before departure date. 

The rabies vaccination is repeated every two (or three) years.

Dogs must also be given a deworming treatment against tape-worm between 24 to 120 hours before departure.

21 day wait

In order to observe the rules of the pet travel scheme, at lease 21 days must elapse from the date of rabies vaccination. Otherwise the animal may be kept in quarantine on arrival in the destination country.

The animal must also be taken for a veterinary check 24 - 48 hours before departure to certify that it is healthy and able to travel by the chosen means of transportation.

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