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Animal Aid Veterinary Clinic is a small animal practice run by three dedicated veterinarians. The clinic has been active since the year 2008 and has been growing ever since in order to provide the best professional service for the care and cure of pet animals.

The clinic is set up to carry out the most essential procedures for the cure of pet animals. Routine check-ups and vaccinations, dental cleaning, basic surgical procedures including castrations and spaying, micro-chipping and licence registration, digital x-ray imaging, ultrasound imaging diagnosis and in-house blood and urine analysis are carried out.

The clinic also co-operates with various animal welfare organisations including the Stray Animal Support Group and PAWS Malta providing medical care and surgery to stray animals at nominal fees. The neutering of stray cats and dogs in collaboration with animal feeders helps in controlling the population and unnecessary suffering of these animals.

Animal Aid clinic participates in the Small Animal Emergency Service that is run by the Malta Veterinary Association. In this way we are glad to provide constant assistance to our clients even when the clinic is closed. 

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